Treatment Instead Of Jail Time: New Jersey's Drug Courts

A drug crime does not automatically have to lead to jail time. New Jersey's drug court program may provide a better option for some people facing drug charges.

New Jersey drug courts allow individuals facing drug violations to complete therapy or alternative treatment instead of going to prison. These courts operate outside the regular court system, with their own procedures, judges and special prosecutors.

At The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons, we have been working with New Jersey drug courts since their inception in the state. We are intimately familiar with the people and processes involved in the system and use this knowledge to help people stay out of jail and get the necessary treatment for their problems.

Who Is Eligible For Drug Court?

New Jersey's drug courts have evolved over the years, expanding eligibility to people charged with a variety of drug-related offenses. Originally, drug courts primarily provided treatment options to people who had been charged with drug possession.

Now, you may be eligible for drug court for a much wider range of crimes related to drugs, including drug-driven theft and robbery, in addition to drug trafficking and selling. In many cases, drug court is a viable alternative to those facing drug charges that are coupled with other crimes such as burglary or prostitution.

If drug use is related to the criminal charges you or your child is facing, call us to discuss when drug court may be an option. We are committed to finding the best possible resolution for people charged with crimes.

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