A Fresh Start May Be Possible: Expunging A Criminal Record

Even if you committed a crime much earlier in your life, your criminal record could still be preventing you from moving forward with your education or career. However, there are ways for some people with criminal records to start fresh in New Jersey.

Contact The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons to find out if you may be eligible to have part or all of your criminal record expunged or sealed. Here are some questions we may ask to figure out whether you can seek an expungement:

Were you convicted or just arrested?

If you were charged with a crime but not convicted, you may be able to apply for expungement right away.

When did you complete your sentence and probation?

Generally, you have to wait at least five years after completing your probation until you can seek an expungement.

Were you convicted of a felony?

Some serious felony convictions such as aggravated sexual assault and murder can never be expunged in New Jersey.

A Lawyer Can Help With The Process

Although some people are able to seek an expungement themselves, the process can be complicated, and it is generally a good idea to get assistance from an experienced attorney. A mistake in filing could prevent you from getting an expungement that you would otherwise be eligible for.

The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons can evaluate whether your record is eligible for expungement, drawing on our extensive knowledge of New Jersey criminal law. We can then guide you through the expungement process, making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. If expungement isn't possible, we can discuss any other options available to you.

Call To Discuss How We Can Help You

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