Holding Owners Accountable After Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

Even dogs that do not appear dangerous can bite and cause serious injuries. Across the U.S., many of the people who receive medical treatment for dog bites and other animal attacks each year are children.

If you or your child has been seriously injured by a dog attack, you have the right to seek compensation for the injury from the dog's owner or, in some cases, the owner of the property where the attack occurred. The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons has extensive experience negotiating favorable settlements for injured individuals and families in or out of the courtroom.

Who Is At Fault?

New Jersey has strict liability laws for dog bites, which means the dog is always in the wrong — and the dog owner can be held liable for any dog bites. Compared to many other states, New Jersey's canine attack laws favor the victim in almost all circumstances. The dog's owner may still be responsible if:

  • The dog has never bitten anyone before.
  • The owner has no reason to expect the dog would bite someone.

There are, however, a few cases in which it can be difficult to prove owner liability, such as bites that occurred when a person trespassed on the owner's property or provoked the dog.

In some cases, a landlord may also be held responsible or share the responsibility with the dog's owner for a dog attack. This could happen, for example, if the landlord knew about a dangerous dog and yet did not keep the property safe for visitors.

Talk To A Lawyer About What Happened

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