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Charges and convictions on a person’s criminal record can cause hardship and difficulties that affect every aspect of life. Even when an offense was committed a lifetime ago, the ghost of a criminal record can prove to be haunting – long after time has been served and amends have been made. Expungement can provide a fresh start for people looking to move away from the past and focus on their future.

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How To Determine If You Are Eligible For An Expungement?

Expungement can offer new beginnings to those who qualify. The opportunity that this process creates can open a path forward in education, career, housing, relationships, and more. But, unfortunately, criminal expungement laws can be incredibly confusing and complicated to traverse.

With an ever-changing political landscape and evolving legislation, you need an expert on your side to work toward the future that you envision for yourself. Speaking with a Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer is the first step to meeting your goals.

A Criminal Expungement Lawyer can evaluate your case and determine whether or not the charges or convictions on your record qualify for this opportunity. Contact The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons to find out if you may be eligible to have part or all of your criminal record expunged or sealed.

Some questions our firm typically asks to establish whether or not you are eligible to seek an expungement may include:

  • Were You Convicted Of The Crime You Seek To Have Expunged?

If convicted of a crime, you may not be able to apply for expungement until certain requirements have been met.

  • Were You Only Charged But Not Convicted Of A Crime?

If you were charged with a crime but not convicted, you might be able to apply for expungement right away.

  • When Did You Complete Your Sentence And Probation?

Typically, an individual must wait at least five years after completing probation before applying for expungement.

  • Were You Convicted Of A Felony?

Under New Jersey law, some serious felony convictions such as aggravated sexual assault and homicide are not eligible for expungement.

An Expert New Jersey Expungement Lawyer Can Help

If you are ready to get started in the process of expunging a New Jersey criminal record,  Lawyer Robert R. Simons is here to help. As our firm continues to work with countless individuals looking to expunge, Attorney Robert Simons provides excellence in service and care.

One of the most important things to consider when beginning the expungement process is the accuracy of your application. Unfortunately, many applications are permanently denied because of mistakes and missing information in the filing process. Working with an attorney is the best way to ensure that you are getting a fair decision and not losing out on an expungement that you should be entitled to.

Our firm is pleased to offer a full suite of expungement services. From exploring whether or not expungement may be an option for you to discussing alternative options and working with you throughout the process, The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons is here to help.

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