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AA drug crime does not automatically have to lead to jail time. New Jersey’s drug court program may provide a better option for some people facing drug charges.

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How Is DUI Or DWI Defined Under New Jersey Law?

New Jersey drug courts allow individuals facing drug violations to complete therapy or alternative treatment instead of going to prison. These courts operate outside the regular court system, with their own procedures, judges and special prosecutors.

At The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons, we have been working with New Jersey drug courts since their inception in the state. We are intimately familiar with the people and processes involved in the system and use this knowledge to help people stay out of jail and get the necessary treatment for their problems.

Drug offenses are taken very seriously in New Jersey. However, drug crimes and drug charges do not automatically mean that jail time or even a standard criminal trial are on the horizon. There is an alternative in the form of something called Drug Court.
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What is Drug Court?

 New Jersey Drug Court is a specialized legal probation system that serves as an alternative for certain people who have been charged with drug-related crimes—specifically, people who were motivated in their crimes by drug or alcohol addiction. It is a system focused on treatment and recovery rather than punishment, with the aim of getting the defendant well and on the right track to a better life.

What Happens in Drug Court?

If you qualify and choose to pursue drug court, you will be required to enter a guilty plea to your charges, but will be sentenced to an alternative system with its own judges, hearings, and special prosecutors.

Drug court is a supervised, structured treatment program that will help you through your recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. The drug court program may offer:

  • Detox (if needed)
  • Residential stays at drug court facilities
  • Intensive outpatient addiction recovery
  • Mental health treatment (including both individual and group counseling)
  • Participation in 12-step self-help groups.
  • Opportunities for community service

You will be required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing and to follow the various rules and regulations of the program. While in drug court, you will still be under probation, under the condition of successful completion of the program. Any violation of the rules or standards of behavior may result in your expulsion from the program, which often means that you will have to face criminal sentencing for your original crime.

However, if you successfully complete drug court, you will graduate and be released from the program without having to serve any jail time. In addition, you will be considered rehabilitated, which means that you may be able to have all of your past crimes expunged from your record. This will give you a clean slate and a new start at a better life.

Who is Eligible for Drug Court?

There are three main qualifications for drug court. To be eligible, you must be:

  • 18 or over
  • Suffering from substance abuse or drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Charged with a crime that can be traced to your addiction

If you meet these three factors and a persuasive argument is made on your behalf by your attorney (as well as through clinical assessment and legal review), then you have a reasonable chance of being admitted to New Jersey Drug Court.

If you are facing nonviolent drug charges and are struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, drug court can help you avoid jail time and may drastically improve your life. It is essential to find an attorney who can successfully argue for drug court alternative sentencing on your behalf.

Attorney Robert Simons is here to help. Attorney Simons has decades of relevant experience, having worked with New Jersey drug courts since the program was first introduced in the state. He has the knowledge, skill, and connections to help you navigate the process of getting into drug court so you can get the help you need. Don’t wait: call (856) 499-8066 for a free consultation today.

Who Is Eligible For Drug Court?

New Jersey’s drug courts have evolved over the years, expanding eligibility to people charged with a variety of drug-related offenses. Originally, drug courts primarily provided treatment options to people who had been charged with drug possession.
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Now, you may be eligible for drug court for a much wider range of crimes related to drugs, including drug-driven theft and robbery, in addition to drug trafficking and selling. In many cases, drug court is a viable alternative to those facing drug charges that are coupled with other crimes such as burglary or prostitution.

If drug use is related to the criminal charges you or your child is facing, call us to discuss when drug court may be an option. We are committed to finding the best possible resolution for people charged with crimes.

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