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Southern New Jersey's Top Criminal Defense Attorney For 25 Years

Featured in South Jersey magazine as an 'Awesome Attorney' 2020

Featured in South Jersey magazine as an 'Awesome Attorney' 2020

Robert R. Simons has been providing legal services for the people of Southern New Jersey for over 25 years. Mr. Simons is a certified trial attorney who concentrates on criminal defense and personal injury cases. Knowing that the outcomes of these types of cases can be far-reaching and life-changing, he has fostered relationships with judges, prosecutors, and other prestigious members of the legal community to bring the highest level of knowledge and experience to each of his clients. In addition to less serious matters such as disorderly persons offenses or traffic offenses, the Law Offices of Robert R. Simons handles complex cases like probation violation, motor vehicle accidents, and criminal charges including drug violations, assault, and sex crimes. The firm has made it our goal to mitigate negative consequences to you after criminal charges or personal injury, allowing you to move on with your life.

The Best Attorney for Your Situation

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Robert R. Simons has experience handling criminal defense from both sides of the courtroom. He is certified by the Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney, and his extensive knowledge includes both state and federal cases, covering all aspects of criminal law.

Though we are committed to providing our services at a fair price, we offer payment plans to better support you. During your initial consultation, we will discuss potential outcomes of your case and let you know if we feel that we can improve your circumstances. We also can connect you to a vast network of qualified attorneys if your case falls outside of our focus. We serve clients in Camden, Mine Hill, Mount Holly, Medford, New Jersey, and all surrounding areas, including Pennsylvania. .

We encourage prospective clients to schedule a initial consultation by email or by calling our Haddon Heights Office at (856) 499-8066. If you’re currently in jail, we accept collect calls.

We Explore Alternative Options For Clients Charged With Drug Crimes In New Jersey

Clients Charged With Drug Crimes

Many defendants assume that being arrested for a drug charge will automatically lead to a jail sentence, derailing their educational or career plans. In the state of New Jersey, drug courts provide an opportunity for those facing drug violations to undergo therapy or alternative treatment in lieu of prison time. Originally created as a better option for those charged with drug possession, the courts have expanded drug court to help a wider range of drug crimes, including trafficking, drug-driven theft, and drug charges associated with other crimes. Drug courts have their own court system, including different procedures, judges, and prosecutors. Robert R. Simons has been working as a Drug Court Attorney with New Jersey courts since their creation in 1996. Because our firm is familiar with the system, we can recommend if drug court is right for you and work to ensure the court takes your case. We believe that clients charged with drug crimes deserve resolutions that avoid stiff jail sentences and focus instead on providing needed treatment.

Facing Drug charges in New Jersey?

Facing Drug charges in New Jersey?

An Experienced Attorney can Reduce The Charges And Protect Your Future

If drug court is not an available option for you, the Law Offices of Robert R. Simons can help navigate the charges against you to minimize hefty fines and prison sentences. In their two and a half decades of experience defending drug crimes, they’ve helped to mitigate the consequences for clients facing possession with intent to sell, distribution, trafficking, drug kingpin or leader charges. Robert R. Simons is an expert in unlawful search and seizure issues and has even instructed police cadets during their academy training. If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, let his experience help your case. Read More

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NJ Criminal Defense Attorney For Drug Crimes, Assault & Weapons Charges

Criminal Defense

In addition to drug crimes, Attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert R. Simons also handle cases involving assault and weapons charges. Aggravated assault charges with a gun or deadly weapon can include anything from unlawful gun possession to domestic violence, shootings, and even murder. If convicted, penalties for aggravated assault often include thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. If you’ve been charged with assault, aggravated assault, or a firearm offense, lawyer Robert R. Simons will protect your rights and offer you his extensive experience in weapons and aggravated assault charges in keeping defendants out of jail.

Have you already been convicted of a crime and are now being charged with violation of your probation? Any violation of the terms of your probation can get you sent right back to prison, often for a sentence just as long as the one you originally served. Violations can include failure to report to your probation officer, drug possession, failed drug tests, and failure to pay court-ordered fines. You’ve already served your time in prison. Protect your freedom by having an Attorney for Violation of Probation on your side. We have experience in negotiating with probation officers and prosecutors to reduce the consequences of your violation.

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Robert R. Simons – Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney New Jersey

We Fight For Compensation After Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered bodily injury because of someone else’s negligence, we can assist you as you pursue legal recourse. From traffic accidents to slip-and-fall accidents, dog bite injuries to product liability, we will fight for the maximum compensation the law allows to help you rebuild your life after traumatic and debilitating injury. Robert R. Simons uses his trial experience to bring a superior level of advocacy to his personal injury clients… Learn More

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