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A probation violation charge can be a major setback when working toward your future. The terms and conditions of probation may be complicated, and it can be easy for a misunderstanding or accident to occur. When these charges surface, you may face jail time and other consequences that are as severe as any penalty for an original conviction or offense.

When accused of violating the terms or conditions of your probation, it is crucial to find a Probation Violation Lawyer who can advocate for your rights and your future. Probation requirements are a burden that must be overcome as you work toward your freedom. Facing a violation charge can put your efforts in jeopardy and risk the loss of all the traction you have gained so far.

An Experienced Firm You Can Rely On

The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons is proud to offer comprehensive services as a top Felony Probation Attorney in New Jersey. Our firm in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, has represented countless clients and worked to protect their freedom from these accusations.

Throughout our work, we have represented individuals who have been charged with violating probation for many reasons. Some of the common causes of these charges are:

  • The failure to appear in court.
  • The failure to report to a Probation Officer.
  • Criminal offenses. (Such as DUI, drug possession, etc.)
  • Positive drug test results.
  • Failure to pay court-ordered fines and fees.
  • Leaving the state without permission.
  • And more . . .

According to New Jersey Probation Laws, Probation officers have the authority to determine whether your violation should result in a warning or a formal hearing. These decisions are typically made depending on a number of varying factors.

Our firm has been able to achieve outcomes for clients that maximize the positive aspects of their case and provide opportunities to avoid jail time. In addition, we can advocate for our clients through negotiations with Probation Officers and challenges to the claims in a violation charge. All these efforts work in concert to reduce the consequences or credibility of a violation and create a path by which you can come back into compliance without needing to face harsh penalties.

Held Without Bail? Call Collect From Jail

People who are charged and arrested for probation violations are often held without bail. Because these situations can result in extensive periods of time in custody while your case is being prosecuted, it’s essential to have an attorney on your side as soon as possible.

The earlier your attorney can begin to work on your case, the higher the chances of a positive outcome. Working with an attorney who can work to control the narrative of your case and utilize the law in your favor is imperative when looking to avoid harsh consequences.

If you have been held without bail, we offer a call service to provide you with a resource. Speak to the Probation Violation Law Firm collect by calling The Law Offices Of Robert R. Simons in Haddon Heights, NJ at (856) 499-8066.

Our firm offers personalized consultations and reasonable rates. Our expert legal team works with clients in Camden, NJ, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Contact us by phone or by email for a complimentary consultation today.

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