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Efficient Haddon Heights Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Haunted by an old criminal conviction? Job opportunities hampered by a youthful mistake? In Haddon Heights, New Jersey, criminal expungement attorney Robert Simons can help you put the past behind you.

With one of the lowest poverty rates in the state, much less the county, Haddon Heights in New Jersey has become an ideal place to live and raise a family. A place you might go to build a new, peaceful life. But for some New Jersey residents, that ideal remains an unattainable dream because they are held back by one or more blemishes on their criminal record.

In New Jersey, even a minor misdemeanor conviction can make all the difference on your job or loan application. Robert Simons, as a criminal defense attorney, has seen too many lives ruined by criminal convictions and understands the struggles of those trying to rebuild their life despite them.

That is why his firm offers, in addition to state-recognized criminal defense representation, criminal record expungement assistance. So that you can finally put that old charge, arrest, or conviction behind you and move forward with a clean slate worthy of Haddon Heights.

How Will A Criminal Expungement Help You Move Forward?

Everyone makes mistakes, but in the criminal justice system, those mistakes have a way of following you for the rest of your life. Criminal convictions, even criminal charges, can cast a long shadow over all aspects of your life, from job applications, funding requests, loan applications, and even divorce and child custody decisions.

An expungement is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wipe that slate clear. It gives you the chance to request that your arrests or convictions be put behind you. If the application is successful, your previous criminal charges, arrests, and convictions will be removed from your criminal record.

Criminal record expungement is not a right, however, and it is all too easy to mess up your application and be denied this unique chance at a fresh start. This is why, in Haddon Heights, criminal defense attorney Robert Simons will help you apply for and obtain your record expungement.

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How Can I Get My New Jersey Criminal Record Expunged In Haddon Heights?

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney, Haddon Heights, NJ

The expungement application is, in theory, an option any New Jersey resident can attempt on their own. In practice, however, it is highly complicated, sensitive, tedious, and all too easy to get wrong.

There are three main areas where people make mistakes, which is why Haddon Heights residents who wish a criminal expungement are more likely to get better results by working with an attorney like Robert Simons.

Am I Eligible For A Criminal Expungement In Haddon Heights, New Jersey?

Not all criminal convictions on your record are able to be expunged, and New Jersey law dictates certain conditions that must be met for others before they can be expunged.

Charges can be expunged quite quickly if you were acquitted. But convictions often require years after the completion of your sentence or probation before they can be expunged. Certain serious or dangerous convictions, such as rape, aggravated sexual assault, or other violent felonies, can never be expunged.

If you are unsure if your criminal records can be expunged, an expungement lawyer like Robert Simmons can help.

Who Can Object To My Criminal Expungement?

Your expungement application will need to be reviewed not just by a judge and the criminal justice system but also by any police precincts or sheriff departments in which you were charged or convicted. At every step of the process, these different groups can object, though they will need to provide reasons.

The most common reason is forgetting to include a conviction or charge, including even the most minor and seemingly insignificant traffic infraction.

Having your application drafted by an experienced criminal defense and expungement lawyer like Robert Simmons will help ensure these mistakes are avoided and no one objects to your record being cleared.

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Criminal Record Expungement Attorney, Haddon Heights, NJ

How Long Does A Criminal Record Expungement Take In Haddon Heights, New Jersey?

When you have already waited years with a criminal conviction or charge hanging over you, it can be difficult to wait even one moment more when the prospect of freedom awaits. However, the expungement process cannot be rushed or expedited and will take at least a month, quite possibly two or three.

The process will be much slower, unfortunately, if you make a mistake, which is why obtaining the services of an efficient, experienced, and local attorney like Robert Simons is strongly recommended.

Your Criminal Record Expungement Could Be Just One Phone Call Away

The Law Offices Of Robert R. Simons offers efficient and reliable criminal record expungement for people just like you in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

If you have been struggling to get by with a criminal charge or conviction on your record weighing you down, it is time to reach out for help.

With a simple free call to the Law Officers Of Robert R. Simons, you can find out if you are eligible and start down the path towards clearing your record.

The sooner you make the call to (856) 499-8066, the sooner you may wake up one morning in Haddon Heights to find you are no longer held back by that criminal record.

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