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Haddon Heights Probation Violation Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a probation violation in Haddon Heights or nearby Camden County, it is vital you act fast and call probation violation lawyer Robert Simons as soon as possible.

Probation can be incredibly stressful in New Jersey, and Haddon Heights in Camden County is no exception. Trying to navigate probate without making a mistake can feel like walking on a knife’s edge. And even when you think you are doing your best, you can get dragged in for a probation violation you were not even aware of.

As a defense attorney based out of the idyllic heart of Camden County in Haddon Heights, Robert Simons works hard to keep folks out of prison and give them a chance at a new start, often through diversion programs or probation deals. Seeing someone lose that chance is a bitter loss for him, and he is willing and able to pull out all the stops to see that you stay out of jail and keep your shot at a brighter future if you have been accused of a probation violation.

While the probation officer or prosecutor might make it seem like you haven’t got hope, a skilled probation violation defense attorney like Robert Simons can do a lot to get those charges dropped, diminished, or dismissed entirely.

What Can I Get A Probation Violation Charge For In Haddon Heights?

With nearly 1 in 100 residents of New Jersey under some form of community supervision, including more than 100,000 probationers in the state, it is no surprise that nearly every day, one or more faces a new charge of violating the conditions of their probation. This will put your freedom in peril, can add fines or jail time to your existing punishments, and can jeopardize your entire future.

One of the main reasons why New Jersey probationers end up facing probation charges is that so few understand all the different ways they can violate probation. Any of the following can land you a probation violation charge:

  • Committing any sort of crime, no matter how minor.
  • Failing to report to your probation officer or failing to show up in court.
  • Possessing controlled substances or testing positive for drug use during a drug test.
  • Leaving the state without permission or visiting restricted areas of people.
  • Failing to pay your fines or court fees.
  • Failing to complete counseling, community service or other programs.
  • Even not being able to find or maintain a job can get you a violation.

Given the huge variety of offenses you can easily commit when on probation, it is clear why it is often easier to get a probation violation than it is to avoid them.

Fortunately, by hiring an ardent probation violation defense attorney to fight for your rights and freedom, you have a good chance of beating these charges, too.

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What Can A Probation Violation Attorney Do To Help Me Beat These Charges?

Probation Violation Defense Attorney, Haddon Heights, NJ

Just as a skilled defense attorney can help you beat criminal charges, probation violation charges are not as dire as they may at first seem. Certainly, no prosecutor or probation officer will explain to you how to beat them!

For that, you need an experienced probation violation attorney. A lawyer like Robert Simons can mobilize his knowledge of the law while communicating and negotiating with prosecution and probation officers to get the charges dropped or the consequences reduced.

How Can I Get My Haddon Heights Probation Violation Dropped?

If you contact an attorney immediately as soon as you become aware of a possible probation violation charge, or if you are arrested for it and taken to jail, they may be able to get the charge dropped.

The decision of whether to give you a formal charge or just a warning for your probation violation will be up to the probation officer in question. Your defense attorney may know them personally and will be able to discuss your situation with the officer.

In the best instances, your probation violation lawyer can convince the officer that your alleged violation was just a simple misunderstanding and get it dropped; in the worst, they will be able to leverage legal arguments, flaws with the evidence, or violations of your rights to put up roadblocks and challenge the charges against you.

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What Will The Consequences Of My Probation Violation Charge Be?

Probation Violation Defense Attorney, Haddon Heights, NJ

Even minor probation violation charges are serious and can carry severe consequences. You may face jail time and hefty fines, and in the worst cases, your probation is withdrawn, and you’ll be going to jail or prison.

Fortunately, these consequences are not fixed. Even if you are forced to plead guilty, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution, provide convincing arguments to sway a judge toward leniency or get you another chance or diversion option to avoid the worst of the consequences facing you.

However, doing so takes timely action on their behalf, and the window for successful intervention is narrow and closing fast.

Call Attorney Robert Simons For Rapid Probation Violation Defense

The Law Offices Of Robert R. Simons | New Jersey probation violation defense law firm | Your first phone call when dealing with a probation violation in Haddon Heights and Camden County.

When facing a probation violation charge, the faster you act, and the sooner you get an experienced attorney on your side, the better your chances are of minimizing the consequences or beating the charge.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a probation violation in Haddon Heights, Camden County or anywhere in New Jersey or the greater Philadelphia area, Robert Simons is the defense attorney to call.

Call (856) 499-8066 to get a probation violation defense attorney on your side immediately. You can even collect call the Law Offices Of Robert R Simons law firm from jail.

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